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Prismatic Hotspring
Mystic Mountains


grew up inspired by the environment, colors, and forms of West Texas life. Earning a B.F.A. with a concentration in painting and drawing in 2013 from Angelo State University, Nicole began the work of creating every day. The subject matter of Nicole’s art is focused on landscapes, particularly the mountains, vast skies, the human body, and the vibrant colors of the world around and within us. Nicole enjoys teaching private and group art education lessons for young artists and adults. Nicole also works at a local fine art supply store, advising fellow artists on supplies across a wide range of mediums. Nicole is currently active with studio work in both home and public studios. Residing in Fort Collins has allowed Nicole to experience new views and hues to capture in pigment. For the most exclusive artwork Nicole is creating, you can join Patreon to gain access to monthly paintings, drawings, coloring pages, early updates and more!

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